Claim 1500 Tool

This program helps user to create and modify CMS 1500 Form easily and quickly. Its interface is clear and intuitive by displaying a real CMS 1500 Form on the screen. User can type directly into the form to print or save it for later use.

Create a New 1500 Form

You can start filling out the 1500 form right after the program is loaded. See program main screen below:

You can use mouse to click on the field to enter data into that field. Or, you can use Tab key to move to the next field. Use Shift-Tab key to move backwards.

Currently, there is no validation on the data you entered. You can enter 09A53 as the zip code and it will accept that.

Use "File" -> "Save" menu to save the form data to a file.

Use "File" -> "New" to start a new 1500 Form.

What is a template ?

A template is a partially pre-filled form. You can pre-fill a claim to Blue Cross Blue Shield so you don't have reenter same BCBS information for every claims filed against it. Or, you can pre-fill a form for a specific provider, say Dr. Smith, for BCBS, so you can use this template when you need to file a claim for Dr. Smith against BCBS.

How to create a template ?

Create a new Form from "File" -> "New" menu. Then, enter all the relevant fields on the form. Once it is complete, Use "File" -> "Save As Template..." to save the form as a template.

How to use a template ?

Use "File" -> "New From Template..." to create a new form from a template. The program will display a list of templates for you to select. Once a template is selected, program opens a new form then automatically fill the form with pre-filled data from the selected template.

You need to enter necessary data to complete the form. Once done, use "File" -> "Save" or "Save As..." to save the form to a file.

How to modify a template ?

Use "File" -> "New From Template..." menu to create a new 1500 form. Once necessary data are entered, use "File" -> "Save As Template..." menu to overwrite the existing one.

Print a 1500 Form

Go to File menu, then click on "Print" to print out currently displayed 1500 Form. Or, you can click on the print icon on the toolbar. Or, you can use keyboard combination Control-P to activate the print.

How to change screen display ?

You can use View menu to