FAQ - Subscription


What products are subscription based?

  • HIPAA 837 to 1500 Form
  • Claim 1500 Toolbox


How to purchase a subscription?

  • Set up an account with us (register at this site).
  • Download and install the program from 'Download' page.
  • Run the installed program on your PC, go to "Help" -> "License Purchase" menu to purchase.
  • Activate your subscription after successful purchase. Go to "Help" -> "License Activation" menu to activate.


Do you offer site license for subscription?
Not at this moment. Please contact us at support@hsu-computing.com if you plan to purchase more than 20 individual licenses.
I use a desktop at office and laptop home. How many subscriptions do I need?
You need two subscriptions, one for desktop and one for laptop. Subscription is tied to the physical computer, not user.