We have a specific requirements for our solution. Can you help?
Yes. I do custom programming for my clients. The projects range from HIPAA files to Excel translation, HIPAA 837/835 file generations, or customized flat text file creation. The fee is negotiated based on the complexity of the requirements.
What do you need for the project?
A very detailed requirements. If you are not comfortable with technical specification, I can take your verbal description or email exchange as long as I can understand your requirements. Also, I need several test files that you currently have in order to verify the program. For HIPAA rules, please see FAQ about NDA.  FAQs about Non-Disclosure Agreement
What is the cost of my project?
I will give you a fixed price estimate based on your requirements. The price starts from $1200 for a minor output format modification of our "HIPAA File 834/835/837 to Excel" programs. For a more complex project, like "HIPAA 835/837 Generation", the fee starts from $5000.
What is the fee payment schedule?
You pay 40% of the fee at the start of the project as down payment. The other 60% is due at the completion of the project. The down payment is not refundable once the project is started.
How do you support the project after it is completed?
I will support the project for 3 months for free after the project is completed. After that, you pay 20% of the project cost for each additional 12 months support. For example, if the project cost $3000, each 12 months extended support fee is $600. This extended support is optional, NOT required.
More questions?
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