HIPAA File to Excel

This program exports HIPAA file data (834/835/837 P/837 I) to Excel file. There are three versions of this program:

User can change HIPAA data to Excel data mapping in the configuration settings: Configure data mapping.

Desktop Version

The Desktop version is intended for a single user to convert HIPAA file to an Excel file, one file at a time. This version should work for you if you have only a few files to convert.

More about Desktop version

Batch Version

The Batch version allows you to convert many files at a time. You can either set up a watch folder or convert all files in a folder. When you set up a watch folder, this version converts any files saved in or moved to that folder to an Excel file automatically. You can also save all the files you want to convert in a folder. Then ask the program to convert all the files in that folder folder to Execl files.

More about Batch Version

Command Line Version

The command line version is used for server and batch application. It allows user to activate this program via a scripting language, like PowerShell script.

Command Line syntax

Data Mapping

All three versions have the same data mapping.

How to configure data mapping