HIPAA File (834/835/837) to Excel Desktop Program


The trial program is the full-featured program. The entire input file will be parsed and all the claims/payments/subscriptions data will be displayed and exported. However, the trial version will scramble some of the data in the output Excel/CSV file. For example, the claim amount of $120.50 might be changed to $189.00, control number 2335676 might be changed to 6763325. You need to purchase a license and activate the program to stop it from scrambling output data. For purchasing information, see Product Pricing ...


You should see an Icon on your desktop titled "HIPAA File to Excel", double click it to run the program.

If you could not find the icon, go to Start Menu. Look for "HIPAA File to Excel". Double click it to run the program.

The program displays its main screen as show below:"

HIPAA File to Excel main window

Options ...

Use "File" -> “Option” menu to open Option setting window. You can export to either an Excel file or a CSV file.

Claim payment selection picture


To display License information, go to "Help" menu, then "License Info ..." submenu. The sample screen below shows the HIPAA 835 file format is licensed, and HIPAA 837 and 834 formats are not.

To activate the license for a specific format, click on its "Activate..." button. You need to purchase each format (834, 835, or837) separately.

HIPAA File to Excel License Info

How to ...

Open an Input HIPAA file

Click on the "Browse ..." button to select an input file.

Set the Output File Location

Click on the "Browse ..." button to select an output file.

Export HIPAA file to Excel or CSV file

Click on the "Export" button to convert.

Questions ?

Still have questions, send us an email at: support@hsu-computing.com