FAQ - License

Our products are subscription based starting July 1, 2020.

We moved our software license model from perpetual license to annual subscription based on 7/1/2020. The new license fee is more expensive than the renew fee. You need to purchase a new license if the computer is not yet licensed or the current subscription on the computer has expired.

In order to qualify for the renew license, you must purchase AND activate the renew license before the current license expires. Once the license is expired, you need to purchase a new license for the computer.

We can auto renew your license with your permission. In order to do that, we need to save your credit card on file at Braintree.com, our payment processing partner. We do NOT keep your credit card information on our website. We will charge your credit card 10 days before your current subscription expires. Braintree conforms to PCI security regulation and will keep your credit card information safe.


What's the difference between a "Trial Program" and the "Licensed Program"?
The trial version is fully functional, not a stripped down version. However, it only outputs 10 records from the input file. And, some of the output fields are altered or scrambled. For example,

  • last name "Doe" will be altered to "DDD" and "Smith" to "SSSSS"
  • Claim number 1234 may be scrambled to "4321" or "2314"
  • Payment of $12.50 may be scrambled to $16.10 or another random amount

Please do not use the data displayed or exported by the trial version in your production Environment.
How does license work?

A license is issued to a specific computer. Once the license is activated on the computer, any user can use the program on that computer. If you use two computers in your office, you need to purchase 2 licenses, one for each computer.

For example, John and Mary are using the same computer and login using the same user name in the office, you need to purchase one license for that computer. If John is using two computers for his work, one desktop PC and one laptop PC, John needs to purchase 2 licenses, one for his desktop and one for his laptop computer.

What is a Site License?
A Site license allows you to install and activate multiple PC's in one geographical location, (Site). If your company has multiple locations (branch offices), you need to purchase one site license for each location. If you have two offices are with in 2 miles from each other, you can share the same site license. For example, company "ACME Corp" has two offices in an office complex in LA and one branch in NY city. Assuming offices in LA are in the same office complex and are within 2 miles from each other, Acme Corp needs to purchase 2 Site licenses, one for two LA offices and one for NY City office.
Site License Pricing?
Please contact us if you want to purchase more than 20 licenses. Thanks.


How to purchase a license?
You can purchase product license at the Buy page. We accept all major credit cards. If you want to pay by check or need a purchase order, please contact us at Contact page.
What is your Return and Refund Policy?
We provide fully functional trial software for download to anyone who is interested in. This allows all prospective buyers to test and evaluate our products in their own production environment. Buyer is responsible for ensuring that the software meets their needs and requirements before purchasing. Therefore, software purchased on-line through our website is considered final and no return or refund will be issued.

License Activation

How to activate my license?

You need your email and password registered at www.hsu-computing.com. If you forgot your password, you can reset it at the login page.

Run your purchased program on your PC. Go to the "Help" menu or "License" tab, then, click on the "Activate License" sub-menu. Your PC needs an internet connection to communicate with our license server on the web.

Do I have to activate every single machine if I purchase a site license?
Yes. You should use a company email address and password to purchase the license, not your personal password. Each individual user must use this email and password to activate his/her computer. If you already purchased the site license with your personal password, you can reset it at the login page.
Can I transfer a license to a different computer?
Each user license is bound to a specific computer. It is very important that you let the user of the program to activate the purchased license at his/her computer. Normally, we do not allow to move a license to a different computer. Please contact support for exceptions.
FAQ about Perpetual License
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More questions?
Please send us an email at  support@hsu-computing.com