Web site
Built with Microsoft ASP.Net, MVC4, WebApi, Javascript, jQuery 1.11, and Bootstrap 3.0.
Hosted in Microsoft Azure Cloud.
Software products
Written in C# with Microsoft.Net Framework 4.7 class library.
Supports Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11.
If your computer is less than 10 years old with supported Windows version, you are fine.
Is my password safe?
We do not store your password on our web site for security reason. Instead, we store an one way hash code of your password. The keyword here is one way, which means we encrypt your password to a hash code but can't reverse this hash code back to your password. This is the reason we can't send you your password if you forgot it because there is no way for us to reverse the hash code back to your password. For the same reason, hacker who got this hash code couldn't produce your password either. If you forgot your password, the only way to recover your login is to reset your password (to create a new one).
To reset your password, go to login page and click on the reset password link. This triggers an email to you. You can then create a new password when you receive the email.
Why do I see instead of
Our public domain name ( is hosted by a DNS run by Google. However, our website is built and run in Microsoft Azure Cloud with address of We set up DNS A-record to point at You can reach us using either address.
More questions?
Send us an email at